Can You Wash Your Windows in the Winter?

Windows don’t just get dirty in the spring and the summer. In fact, the winter season can result in windows that are just as dirty as they are in the warmer months. A simple snowstorm can leave you with dirty or streaked window panes. This is so frustrating for any homeowner that likes a spotless home.

Starting in October, Kansas City is plagued with cold weather that can make it difficult to clean your windows. This can lead to a lot of frustration for those that wish for routinely clean windows. So what can you do about washing your windows once the temperature drops?

Best Times to Wash Your Windows

With cold weather, it is important to limit how much you clean your windows. If the improper cleaning product or cleaning method is applied to your windows, lower temperatures can result in the product freezing onto your windows. 

The best time to wash your windows will always be in those warmer months. Typically, window washing is most prominently done during the spring and summer. These months contain higher temperatures that can essentially bake dirt and grime onto your windows. However, there are a few times during the cold KC winters when you can sneak in a window cleaning. Keep an eye out on your weather app for those warmer days in the 40s, 50s, and sometimes even 60s. Get in a quick window washing during those warmer days to avoid freezing temperatures and bad weather. 

5 Tips for Keeping Your Windows Clean During the Winter

When those warmer days are few and far between you need other solutions for keeping your windows clean in the winter.

  1. Washing your screens. When you are able to remove your screens, wash them, and let them dry inside, this can help improve the general appearance of your windows. The screens generally catch a lot of the dirt that would otherwise be on your windows. Regular cleaning of your screens can actually keep your windows cleaner for longer.
  2. Wash the inside of your windows. Washing the inside of your windows can improve the appearance from inside and outside your home. Any number of contaminants can leave smudges on your windows that can dirty their appearance. If you have animals or small kids the likelihood of a smudged window goes way up! 
  3. Do it before the cold weather hits. If you choose to find a time where it is slightly warm and before all the cold weather hits, you might be able to last until the next warm weekend with clean windows. A prewinter window cleaning is a great way to help maintain the shine on your windows through the winter months.
  4. DIY solutions. Utilize a freeze-resistant cleaner that can prevent water from being frozen to the window. Another method is using rubbing alcohol mixed with water and dish soap as a cleaning solution. 
  5. Powerwash the house. Your home and gutters collect dirt just like anything else. The accumulation of dirt around your windows is bound to have an effect on them as well. When you want to go above and beyond to keep your home and your windows clean, schedule a pre-winter window cleaning and power washing for your home insuring everything will stay cleaner for longer.

Hire a Professional for Cleaner Windows for Longer

The biggest and best tip we can provide is to hire a professional window washer to clean your home windows. Hiring a professional can be one of the greatest advantages you can have. A professional cleaner makes sure each window is spotless and totally streak-free, washing away all the direct and grime. Cleaning windows goes far beyond a clear glass pain, you need every part of your window clean in order to keep it clean for longer. 
Our professionals at Overland Park Window Washing have been perfecting their craft for 20+ years. We know what your home and your home windows need to stay cleaner longer. When you are obsessed with clean windows you need next-level expertise. Fill out our form or give us a call for a free quote. We aim to give you that streak-free shine every time.

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